WOD Friday, 16th March

1- Gymnastics
Kipping HSPU
4 Rounds,
2 x 5, 0:10 Rest between sets.
1:00 Rest between rounds.
*This is Kipping HSPU practice. Dial in your technique.

2- Conditioning
5 Rounds
30m Sled Push, Sprint.
6 Deadball Cleans (Over shoulder), 65kg/45kg
5 Push Up Renegade Rows, 20kg/15kg
Rest 2:00

WOD Wednesday, 14th March

1- Weightlifting
5 sets of the following Snatch Complex,
2 Snatch First Pulls + 1 Snatch

2- Conditioning
OTM x 16 (4 Rounds),
Minute 1: 7 Wallballs, 20lb/14lb + 7 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
Minute 2: 15 Box Jumps, 60cm/50cm
Minute 3: 7 SDHP + 7 Thrusters, 35kg/25kg
Minute 4: 15/12 Calorie Row

Extras Programs

Hey Crew,
My laptop has broken down and is in the shop getting fixed. I will not be able to do the individual extras program for those that are expecting it this week. I have done a few people’s so some of you will have yours, but otherwise, you can repeat last weeks if you’d like or have the week off extras.
Sorry for the stuff around crew.

For those on the Weightlifting program your program will be delivered as per usual. 👍🏻