WOD Friday, 22nd September

1- Weightlifting
A. Snatch Grip Push Press 3 x 3

B. Over Head Squat 3 x 7

2- Conditioning
Run 400m
21 OHS, 35kg/25kg
12 Pull Ups


Australian Indoor Rowing Championships 2017

The Aussie Indoor Rowing Championships will be held at V2 CrossFit, Saturday November 11.

Race distances available, Male and Female Categories –
1 min for max distance
4 x 500m relay

Entry is $22 per race, and you can enter multiple races.

If you’d like to give it a crack and see where you officially rank nation wide in your age bracket then get involved! The link is currently down, so hit me up if you’d like more info.

I’ll be programming an extra Row workout per week that can be done as an extra session outside of our Class program.